Smart terminal powered by TradingView charts
Powerful positions with multiple entries, take profits and stop loss with limit, market and conditional orders
Available on exchanges:
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SmartBot and Terminal interfaces
trading volume
orders executed
trading community
Create, share and copy smart trades without reserving funds and revealing them in order book using intuitive order panel
Conveniently manage positions in few clicks: edit orders, add funds, cancel or close at current market or limit price
Advance your manual trading with every SmartTrade
Smart control in real-time

Monitor live progress, adjust position size, modify Take Profit targets and Stop Loss, access full history of position orders execution
IP Whitelist
Secure OAuth or API connection
No Withdrawal
Only Read & Trade permissions
Data Protected
User info is secured and GDPR compliant
Skyrex is official partner of supported exchanges

All in one integrated platform

Utilize AI-enhanced SmartBot for automated decisions and SmartTrade terminal for tailored manual trades. Use Configurator to effortlessly craft new strategies or seamlessly integrate existing ones. Share and collaborate with a community of traders.
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Create bots
Connect strategies
Create new strategies
Share stratagies
Adjust positions
Public bots
Edit active positions
Non custodial
Free to use
Binance Broker
EU based
Quality deliverables
Manage projects
Synchronize everything
Team building
Quality deliverables
Manage projects
Synchronize everything
Manage teams
Team building
Quality deliverables
Manage projects
AI SmartBot
Bot Configurator
Real-time dashboard
Track perfomance
Custom bots
Copy bots
AI powered bot
Easy to start
Share trades
TradingView strategies
Manage projects
Synchronize everything
Manage teams
Team building
Quality deliverables
Manage projects
Synchronize everything
Manage teams
Team building
Quality deliverables

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Outperform others
Utilize market, limit and conditional orders
Automate routine
Multiple entries, take profits and concurrent stop loss

Frequently asked questions

How does Skyrex's Manual trading terminal work?
Skyrex’s Manual trading terminal allows you to automate your trading strategies by pre-setting actions for each position. You can set up multiple entries and specify conditions for taking profits and stop losses using limit, market, and conditional orders that trigger at specific price levels. This automation ensures your trades are executed according to your strategy, saving you time and helping manage risk effectively, thereby maximizing returns.
Is it safe to connect my exchange account to Skyrex?
Yes, it is safe to connect your exchange account to Skyrex. We use secure API connections to link your exchange accounts, ensuring that your data is encrypted and protected. Skyrex follows industry-standard security protocols and employs multiple layers of protection to safeguard your account information and funds. Additionally, Skyrex is an official partner of integrated exchanges, which means we support not only API keys connection but also OAuth fast connection, providing you with a quick and secure way to link your accounts without sharing sensitive API keys. Furthermore, Skyrex only requires permission to execute trades on your behalf and does not have access to withdraw funds, adding an extra layer of security.
Which exchanges are supported by Skyrex?
Skyrex supports several major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, OKX, and Bybit. By integrating with these exchanges, we enable you to track, manage, and share your positions seamlessly across multiple platforms. This integration ensures that you can execute trades, monitor your portfolio, and manage your strategies in one unified interface. Additionally, Skyrex continually works to expand its list of supported exchanges to provide you with more options and flexibility in your trading activities.
Why is Skyrex better than a standard exchange terminal?
Skyrex offers a range of advanced features that go beyond the capabilities of a standard exchange terminal. Our platform automates your trading strategies, reducing the need for constant monitoring and manual intervention. With Skyrex, you can set multiple entries, take profits, and stop losses with precision. Our detailed analytics and performance tracking tools give you deep insights into your trades, helping you optimize your strategies. Additionally, Skyrex allows you to manage positions across multiple exchanges from a single interface, enhancing your trading efficiency and effectiveness. This comprehensive approach empowers you to trade smarter and more effectively, whether you are a novice or an experienced trader.

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