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SmartBot and Terminal interfaces

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Bear markets
Average entry price and gain when the market rebounds
Bull markets
Outperform the market by capturing upward movements
Sideways markets
Mitigate minor price movements by trading at predefined intervals

Advanced software

Explore how Skyrex solutions can boost your trading

Perfect solution for begginers

Quickstart your trading journey with AI-driven Dollar Cost Averaging system, designed for sustainable low-risk portfolio growth over the long term

Control your deals with advanced terminal

Enhance your trading capabilities to dominate the market with a multi-order terminal featuring multiple TP, entry orders, and stop-loss options. Seamlessly modify deals with just one click

All your exchange accounts in one place

Access all trading and portfolio data in one page, visualize with interactive charts and tables, and track important metrics of your Bots and Terminal postitions
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No deposit. Easy to start

Securely connect your exchange account using API keys or fast OAuth link
Restricted IP access and verified OAuth fast connect
Only you have exclusive control over funds

Comprehensive solutions

Automate routine with trading bot or create advanced manual positions with Terminal
Fully automatic solution for effortless profits
Advanced tool with high level of customization
SmartBot and Terminal interfaces


All in one integrated platform

Utilize AI-enhanced SmartBot for automated decisions and SmartTrade terminal for tailored manual trades. Use Configurator to effortlessly craft new strategies or seamlessly integrate existing ones. Share and collaborate with a community of traders.
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Manage projects
Synchronize everything
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Quality deliverables
Manage projects
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Manage teams
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Quality deliverables
Manage projects
Synchronize everything
Manage teams
Team building
Quality deliverables

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Frequently asked questions

How SmartBot works?
The bot limits itself to opening only one trade with a single pair, minimizing the potential for significant losses in a bear market. It relies on the QFL signal as the primary trigger for initiating trades, but incorporates additional stringent filters fine-tuned by our team to enhance signal precision and security. The minimum deposit required to utilize the bot is 1 000 USDT. The take profit level is determined based on the token’s historical volatility
What kind of performance can I anticipate?
The performance outcome is contingent on the configuration you establish for the SmartBot. A higher allocation of trading amount can bring greater returns, but it may also introduce increased standard deviation from results demonstrated in past performance
Is there any lock-up period?
While it is advisable to maintain the full 30-day work cycle of the bot, there are no mandatory lock-up periods. You have complete control over your funds, allowing you to pause the bot, adjust the allocated amount, and deposit or withdraw from your account at any time you wish
Why should I use bots to trade?
Utilizing crypto trading bots offers numerous advantages when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. Here are a few reasons why using bots can be beneficial:

Continuous trading: trading bots operate round the clock, ensuring that your strategy is executed 24/7 without the need for constant manual input. They eliminate the limitations of time zones and allow you to take advantage of market opportunities at any hour

Automation: by using a cryptocurrency trading bot, you can automate your manual trading routine and better perform at the market

Efficiency: bots eliminate the need for you to constantly monitor the market and manually enter trades. This frees up your time and eliminates the possibility of human errors caused by fatigue or emotional decision-making

Profit maximization: automated bots are designed to capture market dynamics, enabling you to make the most of profitable opportunities. They can swiftly execute trades based on predefined strategies, potentially increasing your profits and enhancing the value of your portfolio

Active asset management: rather than letting your assets remain idle, trading bots keep your cryptocurrencies actively engaged in the market. They continuously analyze and execute trades based on market conditions, aiming to generate profits and optimize your performance

Utilizing crypto trading bots enables you to trade efficiently, capture market fluctuations, automate your trading routine, and keep your assets working actively to potentially generate profits
Does automated trading work better than buying and holding?
Automated trading has already demonstrated its effectiveness through millions of bot trades. The crucial aspect is selecting a trading platform that offers cryptocurrency trading bots with a proven track record such as

In various market conditions, holding assets may not be an optimal strategy. Buying and holding makes your portfolio fully dependent on market movements while cryptocurrency trading conencted with high volatility and risks.

On a contrast automated trading with SmartBot significantly reduces the dependence on market conditions. During a significant market downturn it sells your assets and repurchases them at a lower price hence you can have substantial gains when the market rebounds. In a sideways market it can capitalize daily fluctuations, gradually growing your portfolio over time instead of leaving your coins idle in cold storage. In a bull market it accumulates natural dips and sell spikes as the price rises over time, achieving a better performance than just buying and holding
How can I set up the SmartBot?
Setting up the SmartBot is a plug and play process. Begin by logging into Skyrex and connecting your exchange account. Then, navigate to the bot's page, where you can easily configure it by specifying the allocated trading amount. Once set up, you can keep the bot running to automate your trading operations. You can pause it at any time to make adjustments to the configuration and launch again when you feel comfortable

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