Binance API leakage – new facts from, Binance and 3Commas investigation

Detailed logs scan and check ups show the attack made on servers reached only a part of client's application where no API or personal data are stored. Intruders haven't reached application's core or databases.

On November 13th we spotted unauthorised activity at the account of our friend and long-term partner Carlos the owner of @JellyeSportsNFT. We reacted immediately, blocked orders and contacted Carlos to revoke API and make a ticket to Binance support. The rest users were not affected.

During the conversation with Binance support it was revealed that first reports about unauthorised transactions came on November 9th from Gabriel a 3Commas user, the link to his post. Hence 3Commas security team was invited to the investigation.

Binance security team says there are 20 confirmed victums of the attacks at the moment, 3Commas security team says that only 40% of them have ever used 3Commas which is only 8 out of 20, from the side there is only 1 confirmed victim. It seems the leakage is not on or 3Commas side and we should find other platforms to build a clear vision of the situation. continues three side cooperation to find out all details. If you noticed any unauthorised activity at your account please send an email with description of the case to

We stay in close contact with Carlos and continue our partnership once situation is stabilised.

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