πŸ” Security Notification – Update Your API Keys security system proved to be resistant to recent attacks. However, we decided to be proactive and implemented additional improvements for your safety:

  • Changed hosting and servers to high-end security class;
  • Added a proxy balancing server for additional routing and security;
  • Admin application for traders is isolated from open web and available only on local machines;
  • Increased data base servers isolation from the main application;
  • Database injection protection shield is updated to all new known vulnerabilities;
  • Added a new layer of encryption to personal data storages;
  • Google 2FA authorization is now available for all users. is safier than ever! Markets don't wait start trading now within three simple steps:

  1. Create a new pair of API keys at your exchange using the guide
  2. Log in to Skyrex dashboard and turn on Google 2FA in settings
  3. Edit or connect new API keys in Exchange account tab and start trading period
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