ATR + %R Scalping Strategy

The Average True Range is a single line indicator that measures volatility . The indicator was originally developed by J. Welles Wilder to measure the volatility of commodities within the futures market.

ATR does not measure price trends or price direction hence %R and Parabolic SAR indicators were added.

The strategy enhances standard Average True Range and %R composition with trend confirmation and filters which clear out market noises and manipulations from triggers.

The strategy supports traditional and cryptocurrency spot, futures , options and marginal trading exchanges. It works accurately with BTC , USD, USDT, ETH and BNB quote currencies. Best to use with 5 and 15 minutes timeframe charts and Limit orders.

The strategy can be and should be configured for each particular asset. You can change filters and risk management settings to receive the most advanced accurate alerts

Advantages of this script:

  • Strategy has high profit factor around 30.32
  • Backtests show high accuracy around 91.18%
  • High Net Profit percentage
  • Low Drawdowns
  • Weak signals are filtered
  • Dynamic Take profit and Stop loss
  • Fast deals around 50 minutes per trade
  • Can be applied to any market and quote currency
  • Easy to configure user interface

How to use?
1. Apply strategy to the trading pair your are interested in at 5m or 15m timeframe chart
2. Configure the strategy: change filters values and risk management settings until Strategy tester shows good results according to mathematical expectation
3. Set up a TradingView alert to trigger when strategy conditions are met
4. Strategy will send alerts when to enter and when to exit positions

If you want to obtain access to the indicator please send us a personal message or leave a comment

How to get script?

If you want to have access to the script you should contact us in personal message or send an email to

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