iBagging Multi-Indicator

Hello traders!
You know, machine learning is a very popular theme nowadays. The best tricks and methods were borrowed from Math and Computer Science to improve and create ML algorithms. As you know, one of our analysts is a great fan of ML, thus he decided to borrow on very powerful method from ML.

We have taken 5 indicators, tuned them a bit and make them to vote. If the number of voters is more than the threshold the the bullish / bearish signal shows. It's called Bagging, when some algorithms are voting to classify or to regress. We use EMA Cross with NATR filter, BB Width , divergency detector and bull bear power. This bundle in my opinion is one of the best to define entries. Check it up in you daily trading staff. You shouldn't forget about tuning the parameters on different coins and timeframes. We checked it on 1H BTCUSDT and default parameters are for this combination. I hope you'll enjoy my masterpiece.
How to use it?
Just add it to the chart and check up signals.

Feel free to copy and use this script for your ideas and trading!

If you want to obtain access to the indicator please send us a personal message or leave a comment

How to get script?

If you want to have access to the script you should contact us in personal message or send an email to

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