Profitunity - Beginner [TC]

This indicator aggregates the knowledges of the first level of the Trading Chaos approach by Bill Williams . It uses the Market Facilitation Index ( MFI ) in conjunction with the type of bar(candle) to generate strong long and strong short signals.

General information

Bars numeration
All bars or candles could be numbered with the following algorithm. If we divide the candle for 3 equal parts from high to low. The highest third have the number 1, the middle one - 2, the lowest one - 3. Hence we can define the first number as the number of the third where the price opened, second - where the price closed. For example, if the price opened at the highest third and closed at the lowest one this candle has the number 13.

Trend defining
Also candles could be divided into three groups according to the trend condition: uptrend, downtrend, sideways. If the middle of the candle's trading range is above the high of the previous candle - it's uptrend candle, if below the low of the previous candle - it's downtrend candle, sideways in other candles.

Profitunity windows
According to Bill Williams MFI has 4 windows - fake, green, fade and squat. I am not going to describe here the methodology of MFI , but one thing you should know that the most valuable windows are green and squat. Green state is an indication of the true move on the market. Squat the sign that the increase in volume have not triggered the trend continuation and reverse is about to happen.

How to use?
You can use this script as the helper in automatic defining the type of candle. Indicator shows only green (green candle color) and squat (red candle color) MFI states. Add script to any timeframe and asset chart to see labels.
The "strong long" label flashes when 3 conditions are met:
1. Squat candle
2. Candle number 13
3. Downtrend candle

"Strong short" label flashes when:
1. Squat candle
2. Candle number 31
3. Uptrend candle

This indicator helps to find the trend reversal points, can be used in conjunction with other TA tools to find the entry points.

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