Aptos (APT) - when to buy this hype train?

Hello, everyone!

Today it's time of the most hype altcoin of last couple of days. After listing on Binance this asset is in uptrend. Now it could be very profitable decision to catch the pullback to earn in the new upside impulse.

The only timeframe which we can use is 4h or less because of lack of data. Trading on this token can be only short term, it's impossible to measure the long term target - it could be 50$, 60$ or even $200. It does not matter, our purpose is to catch the local bottom.

I want you to look at my own developed indicator Profitunity-beginner. It accumulates all knowledges from the first level of Trading Chaos approach by Bill Williams. Look at the strong long signal at the very bottom, after that we saw the incredible bullish rally. Two strong short signals flashed at the very top is the sign of possible correction. Limit orders we can set at the 0.38, 0.5, 0.61 Fibonacci levels for the last upside impulse.

Best regards, Ivan

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