Bitcoin - insane swing trading opportunities!

Hello, everyone!

The information from the previous analysis is still actual, locally we can expect for the local pump to $18k. As you know in my local trades I made a lot of mistakes and try to fix it with the new knowledges and practice in Trading Chaos. But in swing trader I am pretty good. As you know I believed in the bear market continuation when the Bitcoin costs $21500. Now I can see that the bear market still has not been ended, but we can use the opportunities which the bear market will give us.

Let's take a look at the 1D timeframe of the BTCUSDT chart of the WhiteBit exchange. I drew the wave Elliott waves structure. Now Bitcoin is printing wave 4 inside wave 3. Maximum target for wave 4 is the $18k (just below wave 1 bottom). I wanna to accumulate short to catch the massive move to the downside because wave 5 inside wave 3 is anticipated. $12k is the target. It's about 25% decrease in price!

$12k is the super safe buy zone. Here I am going to close my swing short and buy BTC with 50% of my deposit. wave 4 which is going to follow after that can easily hit $17k. I am sure that all traders will believe in the new bull market after this move. But all of them is going to be disappointed becuase the wave will turn their mood into depression. That's what we need to enter the market before the new bull market. Let's wait!

Best regards, Ivan

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