Ethereum classic (ETC) have the most clear chart!

Hello, everyone!

Today is the turn of my favorite altcoin. Ethereum classic have the most understandable Elliott wave structure. Last time I entered short position at $44 when the insane short have been flashed with the MACD bearish divergence. Now it does not matter, but the price have already flashed the insane long and I am going to show you my thoughts about mid-tern price action.

When the crypto market touched it's previous bottom and formed the bullish rally ETCUSDT showed the incredible pump which had the clear 5-waves Elliott structure. The wave 5 have been detected using bearish divergence with the MACD. After the the ETC started the 5-waves cycle to the downside and we can see that the MACD have already formed bullish divergence on the 1D timeframe. I think that it was the wave 5 finish inside wave 3. Now we can expect wave 4 - it is not the market reversal, but we can catch the bounce. We also can define the clear target for the pump - 0.618 Fibonacci retracement level. Also there are a lot of liquidity of short traders which has to be collected before the new dump.

Best regards, Ivan

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