Ethereum (ETH) is on the edge of collapse!

Hello, my dear friends!

As you know, I am bearish on the entire crypto market and Ethereum is not an exception. It's waves formation looks like we have seen on Bitcoin. Therefore, I expect the same outcome in the upcoming weeks.

During May 2023 ETH is stagnating very very slowly. It looks like annoying downward sloping sideways. Perfectly, I expect to see the huge dump next week, because bears have to confirm their intentions. I am sure that uptrend is over because we can see the clear 5 waves structure, the divergence on the Awesome Oscillator. If the first dump was the wave 1, it means that now asset is printing the wave 3. The wave 3 ordinary target is locatet at 1.61 Fibonacci extension, approximately at $1450😱.

If price will reach this target, we also see the key trend line breakdown. Last time price immediately bounced off this trend line, but this time I consider the bad time for ETH. We also should talk about the scenario invalidation. We have the countertrend line. If price will be able to break it my scenario is wrong and current dump is just a correction.

Besr regards, Ivan

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