Bitcoin - the worst is coming for bulls!

Hello, everyone!

Current BTCUSDT bounce is very dangerous and it makes me even more bearish than if Bitcoin continue dumping. Market maker, obviously is going to collect the liquidity at $28300 and after that the dangerous hours will begin.

I supposed that Bitcoin will reach $25k before bounce, but tricky wave 5 was shortened. Therefore the wave 1 inside the most impulsive wave has been ended and now Bitcoin is pribting the reactive wave 2. It has the natural target at 0.61 Fibonacci, approximately $28300. There is gonna be the nice short entry point.

After reaching this price level I expect the worst. It seems like the wave 3 is gonna be extended to 2.61 Fibonacci level. Rapid dump, in my opinion will be stopped in the area between $19500 and $21200.

Best regads, Ivan

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