Bitcoin - my new intraday long trade!

Hello, everyone!

Today I am back with my new long trade setup. Earlier I tried to make predictions and sometimes it played out, but when you try to predict the market move, one time you will be in the disaster. That is I have faced with recently. I was lucky to have the nice money managenent, that's why I have lost only 8% of deposit. Now I am just following the market with my trading ideas.

On the 1h time frame BTCUSDT chart we can see that after the impulsive move the price started the corretcion. Now it has reached the 0.61 Fibonacci level, which could be the nice long entry point. We also have comfirmations with the gaining momentum on the awesome oscillator. The BTC has already broken the first fractal above the Williams alligator indicator's red line, therefore I executed the long trade with the setup you can see on the chart.

Best regards, Ivan

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