Polkadot (DOT) - insane long today!

Hello, everyone!

Let's continue analyze altcoins which have the potential to reverse before the whole cryptomarket. Yesterday I told you that ADA is about to finish the bear market, today I found the DOT which have almost the same or even stronger bullish bias!

Let's take a look at the 1W timeframe DOTUSDT chart. On the weekly chart the signals are very strong but can be realized several months. I suppose that this asset is now next to the perfect entry mid and long term point. First of all I want you to bring your attention to the clear Elliott wave structure. The whole bear market globally consists of the waves ABC. Waves A and B have the zigzag abc structure and the wave C has the 12345 waves structure. Looking at the very strong divergence I can conclude that the wave 5 is about to finish. What does it mean? It means that downtrend on this coin is about t end. Now it's the best time to start accumulating the long/mid term holdings in crypto.

Classical TA also showing us the nice buy opportunity. 1W demand zone is the extremely strong support. It is not just the abstract line which have to stop the dump with no reason - this is what the large players on the market monitor to have the best entry point. Moreover, look at the decreasing volume during the bear market. It means that the bears became weaker an weaker every week and very soon they will not be able to maintain the new lower lows setting. I have already bought DOT without the confirmation because it is the fundamentally strong asset which is not going to be scammed with the high probability.

Best regards, Ivan

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