Cosmos ATOM will find it's bottom at this level!

Hello, my friends!

As I told you many times all cryptomarket will show us the last stage of the bear market. ATOM is not the exception. Cosmos is a funamentally strong project and if you believe in it's bright future I will share with you the price levels where I am going to purchase it.

ATOMUSDT has the clear Elliott waves structure. Waves 1, 2 and 3 have been printed. Wave 4, as I consider has been also finished at $17 and I don't think that the price will reach this level only in the next bull run. This price level perfectly coincides with the 0.38 Fibonacci retracement. This is an ordinary wave's 4 target.

Now ATOM is in wave 5, but where is the final bottom target. I have some difficulties with it's defining using trading chaos approach, because it has the negative value. In this case I use the liquidity collection approach. I can see the greatest liquidity pool at the $3-$3.3 area. I suppose that price with 90% probability reach this levels. We should see the divergence on the Awesome Oscillator on the 3D time frame to make sure that the bear market is finished. Let's see what will happen!

Best regards, Ivan

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