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Navigating the Ongoing Crypto Bull Market: Insights and Strategies

In this article you will know what is the targets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance coin for the bull market and how to earn money with low risk.

The current Bitcoin market cycle has proven to be one of the most intricate to decipher, catching even the best crypto traders off guard. The skepticism persisted until the price surpassed $15,500, with many traders and bloggers only seriously considering the possibility of a bull market after Bitcoin broke $52,000 several days ago. It's understandable, as many crypto trading strategies hinge on trend analysis, and until the price exceeds the all-time high (ATH), the prevailing sentiment often leans toward a bear market. This reliance on historical trends can be a lagging indicator of a trend change, emphasizing the need to stay present in the current market moment and comprehend unfolding events.

In the realm of crypto trading, our head analyst and the developer of our AI trading bot, Ivan, shares insights into Bitcoin and some intriguing altcoins, aiming to enhance your skills in crypto trading.


The AI trading bot on the Skyrex crypto trading platform made a significant move, shifting to bullish settings when Bitcoin broke the $32,000 mark. From our perspective, this should have marked the end of bearish expectations. Now, let's delve into what to anticipate from Bitcoin in the near future.

Chart 1. BTC price.

Examining the Elliott wave structure for Bitcoin on the monthly time frame, the Awesome oscillator, in tandem with waves, forms a robust trading crypto strategy. The maximum value of the Awesome oscillator aligns with the top of wave 3. Despite a reactive wave 4 retracing to $15,500, it didn't overlap the top of wave 1, preserving the core Elliott waves axiom.

While the price is anticipated to break its all-time high soon, a potential bearish divergence may arise as the new Awesome oscillator top is lower than the previous. The target zone for wave 5 is $79,000, calculated based on the distance between wave 1's bottom and wave 3's top, measured from wave 4's bottom. A bearish reversal bar with divergence is expected in this zone for a potential reversal.


ETH mirrors a similar wave structure to BTC, currently attempting to breach the 0.61 Fibonacci retracement zone. This breakthrough could propel Ethereum to new ATH, with the target for the last wave set at $5,700. Observing the price action when ETH reaches this level will provide further insights.

Chart 2. ETH price.

Binance Coin

Despite the FUD surrounding Binance exchange, BNB emerged as one of the strongest assets in the bear market, concluding its correction earlier than the broader crypto market. The Elliott waves structure here closely resembles that of ETH and BTC, with the final target for wave 5 set at $870.

Chart 3. BNB price.

How to Navigate the Crypto Market Now

While traditional strategies involve buying and holding Bitcoin and altcoins until target prices are reached, the unpredictability of market directions can lead to sudden losses and stress. Alternatively, utilizing an automated trading bot, such as our Skyrex AI crypto trading bot, allows for a hands-free approach.

The Skyrex AI bot operates with a low-risk strategy, trading only on the spot, minimizing the risk of liquidation. As the crypto market enters a period of high volatility, the AI bot strategically accumulates assets during market dips, closing trades on the bounce. This approach avoids the need to predict specific price levels, relying on the fractal structure of prices and potential support levels.

In conclusion, while Bitcoin and Ethereum may seem too expensive for investment, fundamentally strong altcoins like BNB, ADA, ATOM, DOT, among others, could present opportunities for investors. For those seeking a risk-averse approach, the Skyrex AI Bot with its low-risk strategy is positioned to perform well across various market phases.

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