Ethereum ETH is crashing right now!

Hello, my dear friends!

Today I am crazy man because there is a third analysis today. I know that a lot of traders suppose that Ethereum is the strong asset, but I want to tell you that current crash is still not over and we can see today the massive triggering of the short signals. First of all I want to warn you that I am not going to open short on ETH using the setup above because I have the short trade on Bitcoin.

4h time frame of the ETHUSDT chart is showing us that the key down fractal has been broken below the Williams Alligator indicator's red line. The price was $1554. If you have already executed the short trade your stop loss should be placed at $1663.

I consider the potential target inside the Fibonacci golden pocket zone at $1380. When the price will reach this price I am going to watch out the market carefully to execute the long trade on the potential reversal setup.

Best regards, Ivan

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