WhiteBit Token (WBT) will go insane!

Hello, everyone!

Today it's time to make an analysis on the exchange's token. Tokens of reliable exchanges almost always good investment. Binance was the most dynamically developing exchange in the previous cycle, but BNB have already shown the huge growth. Today I found the most undervalued token - WBT. WhiteBit exchange is the emitter of the WBT token today is the most dynamically developing crypto exchange. It's token have been already listed on several exchanges. For example, tomorrow it will be listed on MEXC it will provide an additional liquidity.

Of course fundamental factors are important, but our favorite Elliott waves is the main analysis tool. WBT have the very nice dynamic on the 1D timeframe. After first listing this asset showed the uptrend Elliott waves cycle. It is the very bullish sign in the long term.

When I am going to buy WBT? It is obviously that now WBT have just finished the 5 waves cycle. Of course waves 3 and 5 correspond to divergence on Awesome oscillator. I consciously have not added AO on the chart to make it simple, but you can trust me. In November I am waiting for the ABC correction, which will be the wave 2 of global bullish super cycle. This correction will be ended as I suppose at the Fibonacci golden pocket, approximately at the $8. After that I expect the most impulsive wave 3 which will bring us significant profit.

Today we have a lot of features of incoming correction - decreasing volume and the lack of demand Wyckoff pattern which have already lead to the local pump. Watch out my updates I will tell you when to buy WBT.

Best regards, Ivan

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