Bitcoin - my next insane trade!

Hello, everyone!

It's time to forget about my failures which I made last couple of weeks and think about new trade ideas. Of course it's extremely dangerous to buy Bitcoin right now becuase it shows us some sign of weakness.

We will use 4h time frame to count the waves inside the current cycle. The Awesome Oscillator is our main tool to understand the waves order. It's maximum value corresponds to the wave 3 top. After that we saw the zero line crossover which is the sign that wave 4 has been finished. Now the BTCUSDT is printing the wave 5. I suppose it's almost done. I expect the only one fake breakout to $23600 - $23800 price levels. Moreover the wave's 5 target is located also next to this price value.

The overall uptrend is not finished, but I expect the correction where we can enter the BTC long trade. The target area for the potential dip is $20500 because the wave's 4 end of lower degree is located here.

Best regards, Ivan

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