Bitcoin - triangle correction has been completed

Hello, everyone!

Last several days the Bitcoin is staying at the same place and I can see the contradictory in the analysis from the influencing traders. As usual after such huge crash a lot of bulls have been activated talking about the bottom at $15600. Wave theory and trading chaos tell us that it is not true. Total disappointment is about to happen next couple of months, but today let's consider the current triangle correction in details.

I want to remind you that after impulsive downside wave 3 the market started it's corretive wave 4. I have already assumed zigzag, flat correction, but last time I finally concluded that we faced with the triangle corretion ABCDE. Look at the chart how these waves are divided into zigzags abc. As I can see the last wave E have been already finished and now the market started the wave 5. I expect the dump to at least $15k at the new weekly candle open.

Best regards, Ivan

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