Chiliz (CHZ) is the most dangerous altcoin!

Hello, everyone!

This is the bonus analysis for today. I decided to consider the Chiliz because it's pumping and have a huge interest because of that. I wanna warn you, buying this altcoin could be dangerous, not because of it's pumping against the market, because of how it is pumping. It has too clear structure that can give me an idea that the target for CHZ is very low.

This is the daily time frame of the CHZUSDT chart. Here we have the confirmed 5 waves structure which have been already ended. I defined it because the price reached it's target zone and confirmed waves 3, 4 and 5 with the Awesome oscillator divergence and zero line cross under.

Today the price pumped and found resistance exactly at 0.61 Fibonacci retracement. I think the game is over. Wave 2 is finished and next couple of weeks we will see the huge crash in the wave 3. This thought perfectly confirms our setup for the Bitcoin. Crash is imminent, guys. Prepare your bags!

Best regards, Ivan

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