Bitcoin - my insane short setup!

Hello, everyone!

Last time I considered 1h time frame and told you that anticipate leg up in wave 5 to the price range between $17070 and $17245. Yesterday I opened long at the very bottom $16730 and closed at $17000. It was the scalp trade, thats why I have not revealed it here, but you could use my analysis to execute it. Now it does not matter because I am going to show you the sniper short entry on Bitcoin. Let's go!

We are using 15 min time frame of the BTCUSDT chart of the WhiteBit exchange because we want to see the local picture. On the 1h BTC is printing wave 5 and now we have the purpose to catch the very top of the wave 5 inside the wave 5 of higher degree. Using our favorite awesome oscillator we found the the wave 3 top. It coincides with maximum AO value. Now the market is in boring wave 4 which has the most frequent target between 0.38 and 0.5 Fibonacci retracement. If you are intraday trader you can use this information to open scalp long.

My purpose it to find the wave 5 top. First of all let's take a look at the wave 3. It has almost reached the 2.62 Fibonacci extension. It means that it's extended, that's why wave 5 is going to be ordinary. Therefore wave 5 has two targets: $16983 if it's trimmed, $17056 if it's normal. How to define the trimmed wave 5 before it happened? To be honest I don't know, it's tricky task. I can only consider the underlying structure on 5 min time frame.

Which trading plan do I have? I am going to place limit order at $17056 and if I will see the weakness next to the $16983 I change the entry level. I want to remind you that the target for this short at the $12-14k.

Best regards, Ivan

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