AXS will go against the market!

Hello, everyone!

Recently I showed you the very low targets for altcoins and the Bitcoin. Today I wanna show you the asset which is very closed to it's bear market bottom. Axie Infinity have the unique wave structure and have already reached the very important level.

On the 1D timeframe of the AXSUSDT chart we can see that AXS started it's last bearish global wave earlier than Bitcoin and other coins. Thus it has formed the wave 2 earlier and we can measure the target for the wave 3. If you remember on the other altcoins the wave 3 reached 1.61 Fibonacci, the classical target. On the AXS wave 3 is extended and reached almost exactly 2.61 level. Now I anticipate the corrective wave 4.

Taking into account the fact that wave 2 retraced too much, almost hit the wave 1 start, wave 4 should retrace no more than 0.38 Fibonacci, approximately $12.6. Anyway it is not forbidden for AXS to reach 0.61 Fibonacci level and retest the broken trendline, but in my opinion it looks fantastic. After wave 4 I expect the trimmed wave 5 because wave 3 was extended. I will make an update when will be time to buy. Now you can trade Axie only locally with the target $12. If you are not satisfied with such potential reward - just skip this trade.

Best regards, Ivan

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