Ripple XRP is NOT the scam!

Hello, long-suffering Ripple holders!

Today it's time to make you happy because the "immortal scam" project is going to be alive and give us the huge profits in the next bull run. I have never invested in the XRP, but this time I will do it because it has the clear waves structure and I have the idea where I can do it.

Let's take a look at the daily time frame of the XRPUSDT chart of the WhiteBit exchange. It's also printing the ending bearish wave 5 like the Bitcoin, Cardano and other crypto assets. This wave 5 also consists of 5 waves. Looking at the Fibonacci extension level 1.61 which has been touched "cent to cent" by the price I can conclude that the wave 3 has been finished yet.

After that we saw the corrective wave 4 which coincides with the same wave on the BTC. Now the market is forming the ending wave 5. It has two possible targets. the conservative one is $0.28 and the pessimistic one is $0.19. The exact reversal point we will define where the price will break the current local low at $0.31 using the trading chaos approach by Bill Williams.

My friends, I wish you happy New Year, be healthy and wealthy. Turn on you "God mode" in trading and earn million of dollars and be happy.

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