Bitcoin - big danger is incoming!

Hello, everyone!

This pump on Bitcoin price was predictable. I told you that the wave 5 is incoming, which has two targets - $21500 and $22000. Today I can say that the pump can be already ended.

Let's take a look at the 4h time frame BTCUSDT chart of the WhiteBit exchange. Here we can see the the price have formed the wave 4 as the flat correction. Wave 4-b could be interpret as the wave 5 by mistake, but the Awesome Oscillator helps us to identify it. Wave 4 can be ended (in most of cases) if the AO crossed the zero line. We saw it only when the 4-c wave have been formed.

Wave 5 has the minimum target at 0.61 Fibonacci extension, approximately $21500. The maximum target is the $22000 - 1 Fibonacci level. The minimal target have been already reached. Thus we can see the reversal from the current prices. Moreover the divergence is forming on the Awesome Oscillator, whci is another one confirmation. I am waiting for the last sell-off, but have 23% of deposit in crypto in case I am wrong. Market did not give me the nice entry point in long trades with the full deposit, hence I am patiently waiting for the bottom.

Best regards, Ivan

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