Bitcoin, I don't trust you!

Hello, everyone!

Despite the short trade brought me -0.9% to deposit today, I don't believe in bullish scenario. We had the huge sell of yesterday, for me this is the sign that large traders are intereted in selling their BTC with the current prices.

Now I expect the bullish pattern is gonna be formed to stimulate majority of traders to buy Bitcoin with the belief that bear market has finally been finished. I don't trust to this "bullish" picture. I think most of you, my dear friends, think that I am crazy, but I assume that BTC will not break $30k again. I expect the sideways for couple of days and the new wave to the downside.

My trading plan now is following: I am going to wait for the bearish reversal bar forming inside the imbalance and open the short trade again. Today I understood that became more experienced trader, because having 2 losses and 1 zero profit trades in a row, I do not have any emotions. It's really awesome feeling that your mind is clear.

Best regards, Ivan

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