Bitcoin - fake pump as was predicted!

Hello, everyone!

Massive congratulations who bought DOT and especially ADA when I told you about insane long. I closed ADA and 50% of DOT positions because this pump is about to end. Watch my last Bitcoin analysis where I told you that after the local bull trap I expect the serious dump.

Let's take a look at the 1D timeframe of the BTCUSDT chart of the WhiteBit exchange. Here we can see the very important thing. As you know most of novice traders use the trendlines in their analysis and there was the "super bullish" breakout of 2 important trendline. You know my opinion about the classical TA tools - it's almost trash without the waves confirmation. But we have to take into account the opinion on majority of traders. They all are seeing this breakout ant they became bullish now. It's the best time to dump the market. I have already closed the extra positions which have been opened at the very bottom. Now I have 25% in crypto.

Which targets can Bitcoin reach? The first target is 0.618 Fibonacci have been already reached. The maximum target is $22k approximately. There is the imbalance filling have to be filled, but it is now obligatory. The liquidity collection of the short traders is happening now before the true move to the downside.

Best regards, Ivan

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