ADA just flashed the strongest bullish signal!

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday we considered the ultimate divergences guide. Today it is time to practice! I found the very strong long signal on Cardano.

We can see on the pic that the point A is above than C on the price chart, while A is below C on the MACD lines. There was the bullish divergence at the point C. This signal played out as the pump to the point D, but the price set new lower low at point E. Point E is above than A at the MACD histogram. This triple divergence enhances the bullish signal for ADA. Moreover there is also the divergence with MACD line, this fact makes this signal even stronger. Thus I can provide for you the following trade setup:

Buy = $1.87
Stop-loss= $1.68
Target 1= $2.32
Target 2 = $2.70
Target 3= $2.90

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