Bitcoin - be ready for this move!

Hello, everyone!

Many times I told you that the bear market is not over, but closed to it's end, I am waiting for the last wave 5 and I am sure we will see $17.5k, but market today shows us that before we can see another one push to the upside. My job is to make you aware before something happened.

At the 4h timeframe BTCUSDT chart we can see that the price is going to form the terminal diagonal triangle - the formation which ends the trend. This scenario almost perfectly corresponds to the other analysis tools. We can see that the Bitcoin found support and showing the bullish reaction exactly from Fibonacci golden pocket. Thus it can potentially pump to Fibonacci zone 27(Fib div strategy target), approximately to $25k. We can execute the trade with the stop loss below Fibonacci golden pocket.

This potential pump looks even more logically for me than the crash from the current price. In this case we will see the true bearish divergence with MACD which can start the last crash.

I am not going to execute this trade, but I re entered to the positions which I closed when the Bitcoin price was $24k, hence in every case I will be in profit according to my tradevesting strategy. The pump's probability for me now = 80%.

Good luck!

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