Bitcoin - bounce before the dump!

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday I thought that there is not enough bullish pressure on the BTC market, but today I want to recognize my mistake that it is not the way how the market works. I have learned the lesson that even the weakest market can become strong in one moment and vice versa.

The Bitcoin flashed the bullish signal at 4h timeframe at the price $40150 because of the double MACD divergence and I bought BTC but with the lower volume (0.3% of deposit risk). That is why I am still testing the strategy and don't want to lose a lot of money in case of unsuccess. I want to say that in our portfolio management system we have the proven strategies and here I just showing you the testing of my new strategy and analysis.

What is next? You remember that at $47000 the BTC flashed the short signal on the 1D timeframe and I will execute the short trade when I see the bearish signal on the 4h. I suppose that the Bitcoin is going to test 0.5 Fibonacci level and the trendline before the further drop, but I am going to make a decision when it occurs.

Good luck!

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