Bitcoin - consolidations take your money!

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday I told you that expect the Bitcoin price at $36000 below the demand zone from the previous analysis and we considered the possible ways it can be reached. The price choose the scenario in which BTC re-entered above the support line. Thus yesterday's breakdown was fake.

On those breakdown a lot of traders shorted the market because it is the key support trendline and the consolidation breakdown, but it is what is the market maker wants. He immediately returned price above this key level. Moreover the next green candle liquidate all high-leverage short traders and executed stop loss of others. The crowd believed that the price is going to break above the consolidation and opened long positions. BUT... look at the red engulfing candle after that! For me it is the extremely bearish signal because the price was hardly rejected. The market maker wants to push the price down below the demand zone from the previous analysis.

I can tell you that I am sure that we will see BTC price of $36000 very soon, but I want you to understand again that it makes no sense. Only your trades with the stop-loss and take profit levels and the money management make sense, guys! I know that you like when my analysis is right, but as someone guy told in comments it is just "bla bla analysis" and he is right. In this analysis I just told you my assumptions, the way how I read the market, but if you want to trade, please wait for the particular signals. I always tell when I execute the positions on the Bitcoin. Thank you for attention guys, I know that most of you are adequate and smart people and I love you and your support, my friends. It was the appeal to those who think that the analysis has to play out exactly as I drew.

Good luck!

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