Bitcoin - extreme fear, but whales are accumulating!

Hello, everyone!

The falling narrowing wedge not so clearly but was broken to the downside. I did not expect this, but we close our BTC position before this dump as you remember. I am waiting for trend reverse confirmation and it need at least 3 days after this dump I suppose.

The market is in extreme fear - Fear & Greed Index = 13! I found the very rare signal which always mean that the bottom is almost here. On the 3D chart we can see the significant amount of stablecoins which whales brought to the exchanges. In the past it was the sign on the trend reverse or big bounce. In our case the second one is anticipated.

I can understand some kind of hate to me. Because I opened long at $40200 and was sure that it was the bottom, but price hit my stop-loss and dumped more. Guys, we are trying to catch the bottom, it is the very difficult deal. It is absolutely ok to see 4% stop-loss to take 40% profit when we finally catch the bottom. Please, be patient!

What I am going to do now?
Just wait for the reverse confirmation!

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