Bitcoin - I'm still don't trust this dump!

Hello, everyone!

If you hate me because I told you every day about the Bitcoin pump, but the market continues steadily to go down. I still believe that the pump must occur next couple of days. I showed you different indicators and analysis approaches, all of them shows the bullish signals.

What is next for the BTC? If we take a look at the 1D timeframe we can see, even if we see the test of the current low at $26k, the strongest bullish divergence is going to be formed with the MACD histogram and MACD line. I am sure that the current zone $26-29k is the local bottom and before next downside impulse we will see the significant bounce. The Bitcoin formed the bullish PPR - reversal candlestick pattern which in conjunction with another indicators and price action creates the strongest bullish signal. The potential target for the growth is Fibonacci golden pocket, approximately $37k.

Now I want to talk about the thing which annoying me most of all. The S&P500 demonstrates the nice bounce, and the Bitcoin is dumping at the same time. Can you explain me, please, why? Are the whales so arrogant and dumping the BTC against two(!) bullish PPR on the SPX. I don't believe in this dump, It will end soon in my opinion. Please, guys, I want to know your opinion in the comment section what is happening on the market.

Good luck!

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