Bitcoin - insane short setup is possible again!

Hello, everyone!

Yesterday I made the global Bitcoin overview and receive a lot of hate, to be honest I don't know why. I am studying the Trading Chaos approach and tried to apply my new knowledges, that's all. Today I am going to return back to the classical approach.

Today's pump made my insane short setup possible again. It will be flashed only if the price set the higher high and confirm the divergence on the 4h timeframe. If you remember it will lead to divergence on the 12h and 1D which are very strong signals. The price perfectly touched the demand line and was unable to reach the supply line. I think it's the seller's strength. I made a decision. If the price will set higher high I execute short trade on the divergence confirmation. If not - I will observe the dump into stable coins.

Good luck!

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