Bitcoin is the king of manipulations!

Hello, everyone!

Here is the another one "just for fun" BTC analysis, because there are no any particular signals. We can see that the supply zone was almost retested. We can count this test as true test, but this situation was not tradable because of absence of any signals.

After this retest the price rapidly went down, which means that the sellers are interested in selling Bitcoin for $40000. Moreover the price broke to the downside the Fibonacci golden pocket (0.5-0.61 Fib), tried to return above it, but failed. The last evidence for the further decrease is the manipulative candles with the extreme volume. It looks like the short positions were liquidated here and most of traders executed long position. Be very careful now, I suppose the large move we will see very soon. Don't buy or sell without the particular signals and proper money management. The key criteria that you have done everything in the right way is the feeling that you don't care about your trade outcome.

Good luck!

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