Bitcoin is very strong !

Hello, everyone!

As you know, I received 2 stop losses according to my strategy in last 2 days. My money and risk management allows me to stay in overall huge profit for this month, but I made the mistake which the novice traders usually do. I'm very embarrassed on this situation, but I missed the profitable trade with my strategy. I think this situation can teach many of you about the main mistake in trading - it's the psychological condition. I was really upset and scary about the geopolitical troubles, moreover I had the personal problems - all these factors did not allow me to follow every signal. The lesson was learned - if you choose the strategy which was proven by your backtesting - follow it by any cause. Your personal negative emotions should not affect you strategy following.

Now let's go to analysis. Of course I don't want to buy BTC after such string pump according to the strategy. I will buy only if the market give us some discount like the scenario on the chart. The price bounced off the supply zone and fib golden pocket for the last impulse , I think that correction is possible. If not I am going to wait the new signal.

Good luck!

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