Bitcoin - last bearish impulse!

Hello, everyone!

I am so excited because Bitcoin is showing us the last wave into this annoying bear market. I have already started to buy BTC and altcoins and prepaired my bag to go almost all in very soon.

Let's take a look at the 4h timeframe BTCUSDT chart of the WhiteBit exchange. After flashing the insane short signal at $24500 the wave 4 was finished. It was represented as the ABC correction. Now I am waiting for the last wave 5. I think that subwave 1 inside wave 5 have benn already formed. Now it's time for wave 2 which will reach $21500. The overall anticipated structure of wave 5 is the terminal diagonal triangle - the only one formation where the wave 3 is not the longest one and wave 4 can overlap wave 1. The previous global wave 3 was too impulsive, after such huge waves final wave 5 is the trimmed which I am waiting for.

Be patient - bull market will start soon!

Good luck!

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