Bitcoin - last chance!

Hello, everyone!

Bitcoin took my stop-loss. I lost 2% of capital. Is it dangerous? Of course not, I is the part of this game!

What do we have now?
Pifagor MFI and Big Guy indicators gave long signals again. It is great!
Fear and Greed Index = 19 - extreme fear - perfect!
Falling wedge is still actual - nice!

While this falling wedge is not broken everything is ok. Moreover we have potential triple true divergence. If the strong downtrend impulse will not occur we will see it.

What we should do in my opinion.
1. Do not panic
2. Now to be out of position
3. Waiting for the true divergence confirmation to go long (I will tell you when)

P.S Traders who have the proper money management, like me are not worried now.

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