Bitcoin - the most manipulative scenario

Hello, everyone!

The Bitcoin was not flashed any signal but it can appear in the near future. Today I wanna show you the scenario which bring us a lot of profit according to my strategy.

We can see that the price broke down the symmetrical triangle, which is the bearish sign for all market participants. I think now a lot of traders opened short and closes long positions. Now I anticipate the retest of this triangle which we are seeing now. We can also see the illusion of re-enter to this triangle. If the price will go to the downside it is logically to see the price low below $37000 and the demand zone. There are a lot of stop-losses of mid term traders with the long positions, moreover those traders will probably want to change their bullish bias to bearish. All these short positions need liquidations! At the $36000 we will probably see the bullish signal according to my strategy, after that I suppose to take the rapid upside move to $43000 above the previous local high. There the crowd will understand that they got mistake and close their shorts and open longs. It would be the time to go the mid term short trade.

I hope we will see this the most profitable scenario for me, but I am ready that we will see the pump from the current price above 43k. In this case I will not earn from the potential long trade, but have a chance to catch the short trade.

Good luck!

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