Bitcoin - time of uncertainty!

Hello, everyone!

The price hit my stop loss last time but I opened the new long trade at $37600 according to another one bullish divergence with MACD on the 4h. To be honest the market now is too unpredictable. For example, you know that I opened long trade at the $36300 in the end of January 2022 and close it exactly at the top ($44500) there was the logically wright price movement, but now I opened long for the second time and I think it can unprofitable again!

Why it is happening last week? I think you know the answer - the geopolitical FUD. According to this the price broke down the Fib 0.618 and I supposed that 30k is next, but the strongest bullish signal was given and the price broke through 0.618 Fib to the upside again. Now the price is below this level again! WTF? Only the proper money management save my profits which I earned early this month. Today I don't want to see the daily candle close below $37800 for the uptrend continuation.

Good luck!

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