Bitcoin - will there be growth at all?

Hello, everyone!

This annoying flat on the Bitcoin continues. I see your dissatisfaction on that fact that I am waiting for the long every time but the price is staying at the same level. Every flat can't be infinite, so very soon we will se the breakout or the breakdown. I am still in long position and waiting for my scenario completion.

Today we saw the flash crash below the $29k, but we saw the large purchases during this dump, as a result the breakdown was false. The large volume on the bullish hammer candle confirms it. The bullish divergence with RSI on the 4h next to Fibonacci golden pocket another one confirmation of the further growth. The final target for this potential pump is next to $34.5k as I said earlier using other analysis tools. We can see some local flat next to lower band of the range, but finally I believe BTC will pump first of all because of institutional investors activity. I told about it in my previous article, you can check it.

Good luck!

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