CHZ is about to explode!

Hello, everyone!

I found the prefect signal with the Elliott Waves analysis on Chilliz. We can see that the Waves 1, 2, 3 was formed. The Wave 4 is forming now. As we know the Wave 4 usually means the profit taking after Wave 3. As a result Wave 4 develops slowly and usually is formed as A-B-C-D-E triangle correction, which we can see properly on the chart. This wave is next to it's end, because the full correction cycle was formed and the target zone for Wave 4 (0.5-0.61 Fib) was reached. The target zone for Wave 5 calculates as the distance between Wave 1 start and the Wave 3 end prices plus the Wave 4 end price. This we obtained the $0.78 as the final target to take profit.

Put your stop-loss below the Wave 1 peak ($0.36). This is the nice trade opportunity with the 3:1 risk to reward ratio.

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