Ethereum - when to buy?

Hello, everyone!

I ususally make an articles only about the Bitcoin because it's the cryptomarket's father. But today I decided to review altcoins because they can demonstrate more significant gains. Today I am going to talk about Ethereum.

ETH demonstrated strength against BTC and most of treders now are interested in it. Ethereum is copying the Bitcoin's waves structure, but has more impusive wave 4. It means that wave 5 could be not so deep as we can suppose. I think the wave 4 is finished and while the wave 5 on the Bitcoin have almost hit the lowest low in this cycle, ETH is staying much higher.

If we take a look globally the wave 4 have not even reach the Fibonacci golden pocket, just 0.38 - the ordinary wave 4 correction. Look at the awesome oscillator. Waves 1 and 3 have almost one value - it means that these 2 waves have the same power. Wave 5 should not be so poweful. It can be even trimmed. We have to watch carefully on the daily timeframe also and not to miss the bottom. I will tell you when Ethereum form the bottom in my interpretation.

Good luck!

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